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March 03 2015

March 02 2015

February 09 2015

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January 27 2015

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January 09 2015

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Apparently owls melt in direct sunlight.

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January 08 2015



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January 07 2015

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January 04 2015

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January 03 2015

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Angry Chicken Parkour
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January 02 2015

Kury stały się trendy, stały się cool. Kura zaskakuje. Jest rozczulająca i zabawna, a przy tym prawdziwa.
— Marta Górazda
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December 21 2014

December 14 2014

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December 13 2014

Just a falcon in a normal neighborhood taking care of the offspring.
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December 11 2014

too slow
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December 10 2014

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albino raven
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